Republicans Letting Millions Of Kids Lose Health Insurance

health care debates in the United States primarily center on the issue of the Affordable Care Act possibly repealing it or replacing it with a Gop plan however there is a forgotten program that is about to expire in funding that is important for you to know about it is known as the Children’s Health Insurance Program chip to shorten it and the funding for this program unfortunately expires on Saturday September 30th now Republicans have been so hell-bent on repealing the Affordable Care Act that they haven’t worked on this particular issue and so as a result it seems unlikely that Senate Republicans will do what’s necessary to ensure that this program remains funded now to give you an idea of what this is chip is a health insurance program created in the 1990s to piggyback on Medicaid and it provides coverage for kids and families with higher though still lower middle class to middle class incomes the program also helps cover pregnant women in some states it’s designed much like Medicaid with states and the federal government both paying a share of its budget now the federal government pays about 3/4 I believe of this program and then states also go in there with their own funding to help create a robust program to make sure that these kids are insured but if this funding expires there are several states that could really suffer immediately now some states have budgeted the money so they’ll be able to fund it for a couple months after the funding expires but it is a little bit of an issue so let’s go to graphic 11 at least three states.
Arizona Minnesota and North Carolina plus the District of Columbia would run out of funding by December so they have a couple of months left in terms of you know money that they’ve budgeted for their program however the Arizona appears to be in the most dire situation Minnesota is in the most dire situation they will run out of money immediately so it’s a block grant that gets renewed every two years I believe and so they can budget it out through those two years however they want and some states obviously budgeted so it would last a little longer Minnesota is not the case so this is an important program and there were Republicans and Democrats in the house that took some action to make sure that this remains funded however the Senate seems unlikely to do anything about it this goes to so the fight is now about how it’s gonna be you know I guess funded approached how they can put this on the floor with there’s been other I think there was an amendment or at least a bill put forward but they’re worried about it now being taken down with all these extra members that could they come from anywhere honestly and again a lot of people don’t know that’s how it works as well too things get tossed on the bills all the time that had nothing to do with it yeah I mention it but you forget it’s the normal daily approach to how they do business there and many people are afraid to put things up like this that may actually solve this problem because it’s going to cause other problems so it’s it comes back to messaging so if you message this as oh this is this is a pro-life party where is the life of these children when does it come into play for you do you care call them people out by name and say their offer they’re they’re champions of life yeah this kids about to die you have the Christian Coalition you came in in the early 80s advocated on unmoral at a moral economy which of course benefited the 1% and you have the most vulnerable the most vulnerable people whether it’s disabled people coming into Congress and advocating to save.
Aca while they’re being you know pulled away by security what are the kids gonna show up kids who are attached to like you know the respirators yeah what it’s come to and also keep in mind that yes there are kids who might be stricken with a serious illness but then there’s also the need for preventative care to prevent a serious illness among kids it’s look I didn’t know it at the time cuz I was a kid but I was I’m an example of someone who benefited from this program in California was called healthy families I don’t know if they’ve renamed it since but we grew up poor right like my family like my dad was in severe debt he lost his job when my brother was born we could not afford health care and so because of healthy families was able to visit the doctor and when I needed to see a doctor I was able to get you know dental cleaning you know yeah exactly so I mean I was healthy luckily but there are kids who have all sorts of serious illnesses who need this program and to know that it’s gonna be snatched away from them because you know Senate Republicans were so hell-bent on the Affordable Care Act they didn’t really care too much about this issue it’s just so mad nning it’s so maddening why we need Medicare for all yes it’s just further proves that for less even with single single pairs the way even under the other Democrats proposals that are out there that they’re using to compete but still doesn’t protect from things like this because okay so you want to push forward another program Chris Murphy then what are you gonna do when the Republicans come out and go after this program so we have better care for all Republicans can’t play these little games where they pick and choose a program to go and champion against and you know attach it to another bill or detach it from a bill that’s why medicare for all works if you like this video you love the whole Tyt Network check it out at Tyt Network comm slash join .

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