Best Online MBA Programs: 5 Key Factors

Characteristics of top online Mbas In 1989, tracked three online Mbas Today, researchers oversee the largest directory of accredited online Mba programs in the nation- four hundred online Mbas Don’t let choice overwhelm you- Geteducated about the five characteristics to look for in identifying the top online Mba programs Factor 1: College Accreditation There are two types of accreditation for online colleges in the Usa- there is national accreditation and regional accreditation Regionally accredited colleges are seen as the most prestigious- most traditional brick and mortar universities hold regional accreditation Ninety regionally accredited business schools offer online Mbas. Some respected regionally accredited business schools that now offer distance Mbas include Colorado State University, the University of North Carolina, and the University System of Georgia Factor 2- Business School Accreditation Once a college itself is accredited, either regionally or nationally, look to see if the business school within that college holds any programmatic accreditation The Aacsb is considered the gold standard for Business School accreditation nationwide. Factor 3- Campus Reputation The top online Mbas come from Business Schools which have established residential campuses look for the reputation of the campus Mba to follow that school when it goes online. Geteducated’s top three picks for prestigious online Mbas with Kiplinger Magazine Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business Indiana University’s Kelley Graduate School of Business and Thunderbird School of Global Management Factor 4- Online Student Reviews Geteducated posts reviews from real online students to help you get the inside story The University of Georgia web Mba has the highest verified student satisfaction- an A The University of Phoenix online, for comparison, has a B minus. Check our online Mba reviews to see how your program rates. Factor 5- Local Reputation Certain business schools are known for particular career areas or specialities like technology management or entrepreneurship. When picking your business school, look for one that’s known locally for the particular major or career specialty area that you have in mind. Employers trust names that they know. For the greatest local acceptance of your online Mba look for residential schools that are known within your commute or work area that offer their degrees online. In summary, consider five factors in identifying the top online Mba programs Regional college accreditation Aacsb business school accreditation Residential campus reputation Favorable student reviews and Local employer reputation Four hundred online Mbas, ranked and reviewed. Get Educated before you enroll.

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