Full Coverage Auto Insurance Explained

there’s no such thing as full-coverage people think that term means that you’re covered that all the optional coverage is available to you are going to be on your auto policy full coverage really is just meaning that you have collision coverage and you have comprehensive coverage and you have a deductible but full coverage when they say that to you at the at the auto dealer they just mean we want you to have collision and comprehensive coverage because we want to make sure anything happens to your car it’s gonna be fixed because we still own the car right they don’t care if you have a real car when your car’s in the shop they don’t care if you’re hurt because an uninsured motorist hits you they don’t care if you have to pay hundred dollars to get your car towed okay all they care about is that your car gets fixed in Texas like if you own your car free and clear the only coverage you have to have is liability coverage and that covers the other car or the other person that you might hit in an asphalt accident okay you have to have that coverage now if you’ve paid for your car and you don’t have a lender that’s the only coverage you have to have by law now if you have a lender and they technically own your car and you haven’t paid it off then you have to have collision coverage and comprehensive coverage and that’s all they care about the other optional coverages that are important and that are good for you to have are uninsured motorist coverage rental car reimbursement coverage to cover you – to get a rental car when your car’s in the shop after an accident personal injury protection and medical payments coverage and then towing an insured motorist coverage and underinsured motorist coverage covers you if somebody hits you that doesn’t have insurance now in the state of Texas it’s estimated that like 20 percent of the drivers are driving around without insurance so it is important to have an insurance coverage because if somebody hits you and you only have liable only then you have no coverage like for your injuries and if you reject it you do have to sign a form stating that you’re aware that you don’t have that coverage in and you reject it rental car reimbursement coverage is the coverage that you have to cover you if your car’s in the shop and you need to have a rental car a lot of people think when they have full coverage that means they automatically have a rental car for 30 days and people get really upset after they have an accident and they can’t get around and they have to pay for their own rental car because you know the insurance companies get better rates on rental cars and so it could cost you a lot of money but you have to specifically choose that coverage and it is completely an optional coverage on your auto policy personal injury protection covers your medical expenses and also your lost earnings and it even covers you know for somebody to come to your house maybe and help you with rehab and personal injury protection covers not only yourself that’s the driver but it would cover any passenger that you have in the car but if you don’t have it then you don’t have any coverage for your medical expenses if you’re in an act fault accident towing is just a small optional coverage it’s only like $7 per vehicle for six months so it’s just a little over $1 a month that you pay and it will cover up to at least our policy up to 120 dollars for towing or roadside assistance or if you lock your keys in your car and those are all your choice those for optional coverages you decide if you want them or not.

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