Auto Insurance: What coverage do you need?

hi my name is Jonathan McGrady and I’m an attorney with Holmes McGrady pllc today’s topic is about how much aut  insurance you should be carrying the state minimum here in Arizona is 15 30-10 that means 15,000 in per person coverage 30,000 in per accident coverage and then 10,000 in property damage that’s the state minimum meaning the bare minimum that’s the floor we at home segreti recommend that you carry a bit more coverage and let me explain why let’s say you are involved in an accident and you end up being at fault and let’s say the other car had two passengers a driver and then a passenger let’s say the driver suffered $20,000 in injuries and the other passenger suffer five thousand dollars in injuries so in total you’re looking at 25 thousand dollars in damage personal bodily damage you would think your statement of coverage would be enough but you would be wrong you see that 15,000 and per person coverage is a cap mean you can’t go above and beyond that you don’t get to aggregate the claims and then say well I’m underneath that 30,000 and / accident coverage and therefore I should be okay you’re sure doesn’t work that way you would then be out of pocket and additional five thousand dollars Oh to that driver of that particular vehicle well let’s say the vehicle that you hit was totaled we all know that vehicles aren’t necessarily inexpensive let’s say this was an average vehicle and it’s worth about fifteen thousand dollars well your property damage coverage is only ten thousand so again you’re gonna have to come out of pocket an additiona five thousand dollars so now in total in this accident you are out of pocket ten thousand dollars even though you had auto insurance but you only had the state minimum coverage here homes negrete we recommend that you have one hundred thousand three hundred thousand one hundred thousand in coverage so in short that’s 100 300 100 that means 100,000 per person in coverage 300,000 per accident in coverage and then 100,000 in property damage now that may seem a little high to you but the reality is vehicles are getting more and more expensive and hospital bills aren’t decreasing accidents are expensive and unfortunately they do happen but when they happen to you you want to make sure that your ad will be covered talk to your insurer about increasing your policy to 100 300 100 the difference in rates isn’t that much if you have any further questions feel free to give us a call here at six oh two injured or look us up at six o qu intercom thank you.

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