The Owens lawyer of the year award is a tremendous honor and I’m humbled and grateful for the recognition by the University it’s a wonderful honor and of course I I am mindful of those who have gone before me particularly those who

are my classmates I’m just just humbled by the idea and I think the University

and the law schools very very much uh Jim is kind he’s compassionate he’s

unpretentious he’s generous and he’s funny he he’s kind of a model for how to be judicial without being aloof I think Jim spends time in los gatos where he helps to feed the hungry and he volunteers his time to do this and it’s got to the point where the folks who go there to be fed they know him and I don’t know that they know him as a judge I was he’s so unpretentious but he’s there regularly he’s made a commitment and he gives back he does it quietly but he feels that there’s a need and he’s fair and fortunate enough to be able to help fulfill that need he is such a decent good person that everybody respects him even though you don’t always agree with him the impact that Jim Emerson has had on the legal community and santa clara county is that he is was a stellar judge and stellar in every sense of the word hard-working committed compassionate and jim used his time on the bench to do the right thing he’s never negative he’s just loaded with positive energy I’ve never Heard him say a bad word about any person and he treats everybody with respect he has a wonderful quick and sophisticated sense of humor this award especially as tremendous meaning for Jim and says a lot to him about how the legal community feels about him which is he is just a fantastic he was a fantastic judge and he is a terrific human being and I’m just glad that he’s a part of my life I can’t accept this award without really thanking my parents who passed on but were very very important in my life it would be lovely to have him here tonight because they would probably feel prouder than I do you

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