Hi I’m Dick price I’m with the price law firm in Fort Worth Texas you can reach

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ww price law firm TX calm when people are starting to get are starting to face it getting a divorce they sometimes wonder about what they should do and what they shouldn’t do they really focus on what they should do but there are some things that I want to tell you about that you shouldn’t do first of all don’t destroy records don’t destroy electronic information don’t destroy any assets you need to hold on to those things it’s a good idea to make copies of a lot of those things but don’t destroy them that’s not going to help you and judges don’t like that at all the second thing to do to it to do to avoid I guess would be don’t hide the kids people in some cases fear getting into a custody fight and they think if they grab the kids and run and hide and keep them away from the other parent that somehow they’re going to have an advantage that the judge is going to say well the kids have been with you more so I’ll just leave them with you it doesn’t work that way judges don’t like that behavior so don’t hide the kids out the third thing to avoid is don’t clean out the bank accounts sometimes people grab all the money and leave the other spouse high and dry understandably they may be

angry but on the other hand judges don’t like that behavior either you need to be fair you need to be reasonable take what you need make sure that your spouse still has some assets to work with and then let the judge figure things out in the end a fourth thing is don’t blow up and get into arguments don’t get angry with your spouse don’t don’t make threats all of that is going to come back to haunt you you’re going to seem like an irrational person somebody very difficult to get along with judges don’t like that and on top of that your spouse

gets mad back could become endangered if you stay in a situation where you get into a big argument and at the very least your spouse is not going to be as cooperative as he or she would be if you were actually nice to him so try to be nice be cool don’t get into arguments a fifth thing is don’t hide assets if you have stocks or bonds or cash or other assets don’t hide those keep control of them but you shouldn’t hide them judges don’t like that either a sixth thing is if you want to get the meanest lawyer you can find don’t do that unless you really want to spend a lot of money and reduce the community estate the judge can only divide what’s there if both you and your spouse spend all your money hiring lawyers and duking it out getting ready to go to court there’s not going to be as much left on the table to be divided that’s just simple math so if you want to get the best result try to find a reasonable attorney who’s knowledgeable and experienced if you just want to waste money then hire a mean lawyer because a mean lawyer is never cheap seventh don’t try to represent yourself that would be a huge mistake in any kind of significant case where there’s assets or children you need to have an attorney so be sure that you find an appropriate attorney you’re comfortable with and then you can move forward with the case so I hope those will give you some ideas of things to avoid as you’re facing a possible divorce again I’m dick Price with the price law firm in Fort Worth Texas I want to thank you for taking the time to watch this video if you need any additional information you can call my office at eight one seven three three eight four six three three or you can look at my website and blogs at WWE is law firm TX com

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